Ensure consistent access policies and governance across your evolving enterprise

In today’s complex IT environment, organizations craft a hybrid multicloud environment with applications living on-premises, in a private cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS). This has made it hard for them to enforce identity and governance policies, leading to the proliferation of risky users. There is a need for a new, modern approach to identity governance and administration (IGA).

The right approach considers flexible delivery methods, identity analytics and machine learning. The IBM Security modernized approach to IGA is designed for hybrid environments and brings consistent identity and governance policies throughout rapidly evolving enterprises while identifying and mitigating risk.

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Why modernized IGA?

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Supports a hybrid reality

Enable hybrid IGA to effectively govern identities across on-premises and multicloud environments.

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Increases risk awareness

Build a risk-aware IAM environment and increase responsiveness with identity analytics.

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Delivers synergistic value

Achieve extensibility with a comprehensive ecosystem of security integrations

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Completes your IAM suite

Realize end-to-end IAM capabilities with a robust IBM portfolio.

Modernize your IGA investments

Provisioning for your hybrid enterprise

Organizations are living in a hybrid multicloud environment with applications on-premises, private cloud and SaaS. This new hybrid reality requires a modernized approach to identity governance and administration. Efficiently manage all applications and their accesses for your hybrid multicloud enterprise.

Make smarter IAM decisions

An influx in digital identities has led to poor identity management practices. Identity analytics is the key to cleaning up deployments and proactively mitigating risks across your enterprise. Powered by machine learning, optimize processes with smart decision support and seamless remediation.

Integrate with leading offerings

Inside tab head: Integrate with leading offerings Copy: IBM IGA offerings easily connect into leading market technologies such as PAM (Secret Server), Data Access Governance (Guardium®/Stealthbits), SIEM (IBM Security QRadar®), ServiceDesk (ServiceNow) and more.

End-to-end IAM program

With a comprehensive portfolio, an ecosystem of security integrations, flexible delivery models, and the expertise to provide a seamless deployment experience, IBM helps to maximize the value you can achieve from an IAM deployment.

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