What is Identity-as-a-Service?

The term Identity as-a-service (IDaaS) refers to cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solutions that help control user access to resources from a hosted environment. The key benefit of IDaaS is speed. When you can provide simpler, faster management tools for deploying IT resources to users, your business can adopt new technology more quickly.

Whether you are looking for a secure bridge to cloud IAM or a transformative makeover of your identity environment, IBM Cloud-based offerings can deliver a business-friendly IAM.

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Why IBM Cloud Identity?

Simplify and secure access

Your new SaaS apps are driving digital transformation, but your on-premises systems are likely the bedrock. Support both with IBM IAM solutions.

Deliver apps at the speed of business

IDaaS means speed. Cloud Identity empowers the business to get access to critical applications in less than half the time as traditional approaches.

Transform at your pace

Bridge from on‐premises to the cloud, taking advantage of existing investments, or go all-in with a full cloud approach with Cloud Identity.

Reduce costs

Delivering IAM-as-a-service minimizes your infrastructure footprint and reduces IaaS appliance costs.

Speed deployment

Get to market faster and reduce IT administrator overhead when you standardize business processes with built-in workflows.

How clients use Cloud Identity

printscreen showing how to Easily connect

Easily connect

Easily connect to thousands of cloud applications through pre-built connectors or generic templates, to speed up business adoption of new applications.

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Empower managers

Reduce time and skill dependencies on IT. Delegate the responsibility of application ownership to line of business managers, empowering them to provide their employees with faster access to applications.

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Smarter access

Design adaptive access policies that tap into the industry’s deepest risk insights for smarter authentication.

printscreen showing how to embed MFA

Embed MFA

Give developers the toolkits to quickly integrate the latest authentication methods into new applications.

What you can accomplish with Cloud IAM

Multifactor authentication

Enhance security on web, cloud, mobile, VPNs and operating systems with flexible multi-factor authentication.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Eliminate username and password hassles with a unified application launchpad and single sign-on from any device, to any application. Give users one-click access to all browser, mobile and on-premises applications with a single set of login credentials.

User lifecycle management

Request, approve and provision and de-provision user access to applications for easier user onboarding, offboarding and self-service.

Bridge to the cloud

Transform your business with the journey of on-premise to cloud with cloud IAM. Use existing investments or take a full cloud approach.

See Cloud Identity in action

See how Cloud Identity works for administrators, managers, employees and more in this guided, click-through demo.

Cloud Identity and Access Management solutions

IBM Cloud Identity for employees

Secure employee productivity with cloud-delivered single-sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication and lifecycle management. Thousands of pre-built connectors help you quickly provide access to popular SaaS apps. Pre-built templates help integrate in-house apps.

IBM Cloud Identity for consumers

Protecting external-facing apps and services with strong consumer identity and access management controls is key to brand trust. Learn how you can use IBM Cloud Identity to build user registration, SSO, multifactor authentication and lifecycle management into customer-facing services.

Cloud IAM services

Learn what it takes to design your journey to cloud IAM, deliver using various approaches, and implement a target architecture for a successful, cloud-based identity solution.