External users, whether customers, prospects or citizens, expect a frictionless and secure experience through every channel. As organizations navigate a digital transformation journey, they can benefit from CIAM solutions that provide repeatable experiences and ensure personalization, all while protecting and securing consumer data and privacy.


Align your organization

Bring technical and business stakeholders together to strategically define a CIAM program.

Engage users with trust

Capture pertinent data through branded experiences and with consent.

Modernize the user journey

Streamline user onboarding, profile management and passwordless authentication to maintain a single identity.

Consumer IAM solutions

Cloud IAM for consumers

Protect and maintain trust with your consumers when you deliver a seamless, omnichannel experience using progressive profiling, strong privacy and consent management and frictionless access for low-risk users.

Consumer IAM services

Bring stakeholders together across IT, security, privacy, marketing and development to properly capture, engage, manage and secure consumer identity experiences throughout an entire digital journey.

Forrester report highlights IBM CIAM solutions

According to Forrester, IBM is “a great fit for firms that need to combine risk-based authentication with CIAM.” In the recent Forrester Wave: Customer Identity and Access Management, Q4 2020, the report cited IBM’s support for FIDO2 and biometrics authentication, integration with IBM and third-party identity verification and fraud management solutions, as well as reporting and dashboarding capabilities.


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Compare workforce and consumer IAM

Learn the commonalities and key differences between IAM and CIAM, how to protect both internal and external users.

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