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When security breaches happen—and experts agree that they will happen—the forensic analysts and other security experts from IBM® Incident Response® go to work. In the course of managing and resolving actual client computer security incidents, our consultants have a front-line view of the latest trends in cyber crime.

Cyber criminals are continually evolving their attack tools and methods. Periodically our experts publish reports, based on their field experience, to help you stay up to date on developments in the threat landscape. Current reports are available for download, using the links below.

Four top cyber crime trends

Four top cyber crime trends

Learn about the types of cyber crime your organization is most likely to experience and how your management team can better address security threats proactively.


About IBM Incident Response

When your organization experiences a computer security incident, speed and skill are critical. Every minute in your response counts. In order to limit operational disruption, data leakage, compliance complications and damage to your reputation, you need a computer security incident response plan and access to security experts.

IBM Incident Response can help. Our experienced professionals can provide the tools and the expertise to help minimize the impact of a security incident. They are on call around the clock, and around the world, to help stop security attacks that are in progress. Our response includes analysis, intelligence gathering, forensics, containment, eradication, recovery and prevention.


IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

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2017 Cost of Data Breach Study

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