IBM 4765 withdrawn

The IBM 4765 was supported as IBM Z® features CEX4S and CEX3C, machine type-model (MTM) 4765-001, and IBM Power Systems™ features EJ27, EJ28, and EJ29.

As of October 31, 2016, IBM® withdrew from marketing the MTM 4765-001. See Hardware Withdrawal: IBM Cryptographic Coprocessor for more information. The replacement cryptographic coprocessor is the IBM 4767. See IBM 4767 Overview for information.

MTM 4765-001 end of support

On October 31, 2018, IBM withdrew support for the CEX4S/CEX3C on IBM Z. On December 31, 2018, IBM withdrew support for the MTM 4765-001 on x86 servers. For support on IBM Power Systems™ (either IBM AIX® or IBM i) or for additional information, please contact Crypto.

4767 adapter

Platform information

IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor IBM Z feature code (z/OS or Linux on Z) IBM-approved x86 server MTM (SLES) IBM Power Systems feature code (IBM AIX or IBM i)
IBM 4765 FC 0865 - Crypto Express4S (CEX4S) or FC0863 - Crypto Express3 (CEX3) MTM 4765-001 FC EJ27, EJ28, or EJ29 (depending on server type)

How to place an order for a 4765 battery replacement kit

The 4765 has two on-board batteries which provide critical backup power to a small quantity of internal memory, the clock-calendar, and the tamper-detection circuitry. So that you can maintain the functionality of the coprocessor, a kit containing replacement batteries for the 4765 is available through IBM as a field replaceable unit (FRU). Refer to the Part number information below.

If you need assistance with obtaining the battery replacement kit or batteries, please contact Crypto.

4767 battery tray

Part number for 4765 battery replacement kit

Part number Description
FRU 45D5803 Battery-replacement kit. Includes two replacement batteries, one battery-attention label, and one battery tray with connecting wires.


Note: Part number 45D5803 can also be used for 4767 battery replacement.

Important: It is imperative that the coprocessor always has batteries installed with sufficient stored energy to power the coprocessor during its entire useful life. When the coprocessor is not in a powered-on system and the batteries either fail or are removed from the coprocessor, the unit will zeroize and be rendered permanently inoperable. There is no recovery from this situation.

Special procedures are required to safely replace coprocessor batteries. Instructions for replacing the batteries are in IBM 4765 PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Installation Manual. This manual is available for download from the Library page.