How to place an order for an IBM HSM

IBM Systems offers high-end, high-performance hardware security modules (HSMs) which provide a flexible solution suitable for high-security processing and cryptographic operations to address your cryptographic needs.

IBM 4769

It is available on these platforms:

  • IBM Z® mainframes (z15® only) as FC 0898/0899 (CEX7S).
  • IBM Power Systems® as FC EJ35 / EJ37, and
  • Appropriate x64 servers as MTM 4769-001.

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IBM 4768

The IBM 4768 is the predecessor to the latest generation fo IBM's HSMs. The 4768 provides excellent performance and security rich services for your sensitive workloads. It delivers high throughput for cryptographic functions. It is available on IBM Z® mainframes (z14® only) as FC 0893 / CEX6S.

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IBM 4767

The IBM 4767 is a high-security, high-throughput cryptographic HSM. It is available on these platforms:

  • IBM Z mainframes (z14, z13s™, and z13® only),
  • IBM Power Systems® as FC EJ32 / EJ33, and
  • IBM-approved x64 servers as MTM 4767-002.

Click this link to find out how to order the IBM 4767 for each supported platform:

Battery replacement kit

Some IBM HSMs have two on-board batteries which provide critical backup power to the adapter’s tamper-detection circuitry, a small quantity of internal memory, and the clock-calendar. For IBM 4767 installations on IBM Power Systems and x64 servers, a battery replacement kit helps you change the batteries when required so the HSM remains operational. Note: if battery power is lost, even for an instant, the adapter will self-tamper as a defensive mechanism against intrusion. For more information, see the IBM 4767 - How to order page.