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Why IBM Security Connect?

With the increasing number of cybersecurity point solutions creating complexity that gets in the way of effective security, it's time for a better way to connect your data, tools, and teams.

IBM® Security Connect is a cloud-based platform that enables you to connect your security data from across your existing tools and products, without migrating the data. From a built-in catalog, pick and choose individual cybersecurity capabilities or unified solutions from IBM Security and partners to empower your team to act faster. Connect your existing security investments to the unified, cloud platform to gain total insights from all of your data so you can uncover new risks and strengthen your cybersecurity program.

The result is a total integration hub for the security industry that connects your cybersecurity data and applications, and can be customized to your individual priorities, budget and needs.


Open technology, open standards, open source

IBM Security Connect is built upon a foundation of open data and technology standards, including STIX 2 and TAXII 2, and leverages open cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, IBM Cloud Functions, and IBM Cloud Object Storage to deliver extreme elastic scale with any workload.

Whether you use a set of APIs that leverage powerful core services within IBM Security Connect to build and deliver your own custom applications, or consume and contribute to our open source projects such as STIX Shifter, IBM Security Connect will enable you to extract maximum value from all of your existing cybersecurity investments, and gain new insights and capabilities you could not before.


Seamless solutions and services

With IBM Security Connect, use cybersecurity solutions and services integrated by design. An intuitive and consistent user experience lets you seamlessly move between applications and consume only the cybersecurity capabilities you need. Effortlessly try and buy from an open catalog of pre-integrated security applications from leading and innovative security companies.

IBM Threat Ops Solution will be the first solution available on IBM Security Connect. Comprised of three individual cybersecurity applications that seamlessly integrate with each other, Threat Ops streamlines your security operations center (SOC) and brings cyber threat identification, investigation and response into a unified, cloud-based solution. Threat Ops sits on top of your existing SOC investments, such as security information and event management (SIEM) products, endpoint detection and response (EDR) products, data lakes, and more, to provide your cybersecurity analysts with one place to manage threats and work together.


Maximize existing investments

Through unique services built into the cloud platform, IBM Security Connect unifies disconnected cybersecurity systems to improve your visibility and help you extract more value from your existing investments. Use plug-in connectors to federate data between any security data source (SIEM, endpoint, CASB, data lake, cloud security hubs, and more) and IBM Security Connect. Unify SOC investigations across all data, both in-cloud and on-premise, regardless of what platform the data lives in. Enable complex security analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) across all data without worrying about hassles such as data residency, data migration, or building and maintaining ETL pipelines. Once a data source is connected, seamlessly share insights across all products and apps on the IBM Security Connect platform.

Preview the first apps on IBM Security Connect.

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Preview the first apps on IBM Security Connect.

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