Understand web and app interaction

Understand web and app interaction

Trusteer discerns the difference between the way customers and fraudsters interact with your website and apps.

Combine cognitive and analytics

Combine cognitive and analytics

Trusteer pairs cognitive fraud detection with patented analytics and machine learning using behavioral biometrics.

Reduce costs the intelligent way

Reduce costs the intelligent way

Avoid false positives with real-time fraud detection and protection, and use resources to grow your business instead.

Trusteer Pinpoint

Visibility, control and flexibility to build new countermeasures

IBM® Trusteer® introduces a cloud-based policy engine that enables visibility into models, control to adapt models, and flexibility to rapidly apply new countermeasures, without advanced skills. Incorporated into IBM Trusteer Pinpoint™ Detect, this new capability provides users with the ability to customize new policies. While using advanced analytics and machine learning, users can predict rules and adapt risk models automatically, which helps to reduce false positives.

Policy engine helps organizations

Improve accuracy of detection

Provide rich, context-aware insights to help reduce false positives

Control and visibility

Customize new policies and use machine learning and advanced analytics to predict or devise new rules

Simplified management

Easy to use with intuitive user experience that can rapidly deploy countermeasures

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