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How do I prevent the if, and quickly respond to and recover from the when?

Unplanned outages have impact

Customers and partners expect always-on availability of systems and applications. 

Beyond the Boom

Improving decision making in a security crisis through preparation and simulation.

Start improving your cyber resilience posture

Do you have a strong security foundation, but need help shoring up your business continuity plan?

Are you confident in your business resilience, but want to strengthen your ability to see threats coming?

Not sure where to start? Need help on both security and resilience?

Cyber resilience lifecycle

The cyber resilience lifecycle model* is a dynamic and integrated set of services that combines cybersecurity with backup and recovery methods to help protect, detect and recover from cyber attacks — while helping to minimize the impact on your business.

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Start the cyber resilience journey by identifying risks and closing gaps

Help to insulate your business from the impact of a cyber attack by identifying security and resiliency weaknesses and shoring up your IT and security posture.

  • Plan and assess cyber resiliency readiness and posture
  • Orchestrate and automate recovery workflow
  • Disrupt malware and exploits
  • Patch systems and automatically fix vulnerabilities

Strengthen your information security defenses and lower costs

Leverage industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to help secure your information assets around the clock, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources

  • See attacks across the enterprise
  • Investigate active threats hiding inside the enterprise
  • Detect attacks coming from outside the enterprise

Respond to cyber outbreaks and quickly recover IT

Help ensure the continuity of your business and commitment to customers in the event of a cyber attack, and minimize the impact to the company's reputation.

  • Remediate attack damage by restoring systems and closing vulnerabilities
  • Rebuild mission-critical business applications and restore data from back up

Talk to a cyber resilience expert

What makes a cyber resilience expert? Proven experience solving client problems in cyber security, cyber attacks and cyber resilience planning.

Daniel Witteveen

Daniel Witteveen

Vice President IBM Resiliency Services

Ahmed Saleh

Ahmed Saleh

Global Lead, Incident Response & Proactive Services, IBM X-Force IRIS, IBM Security

Patrick (Pat) Corcoran

Patrick (Pat) Corcoran

Global Strategy Executive, IBM Resiliency Services

Robin Gaddum

Robin Gaddum

Associate Partner, IBM Resiliency Services

Deepen your learning

2017 Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Study

An integrated strategy can reduce the total cost of a data breach by as much as 16% and reduce the likelihood of a recurring data breach by as much as 28%.

2017 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

Understand the threat landscape to improve your cyber security posture.

Transform your continuity strategies

Read the Forbes Insights report to learn how organizations are addressing critical application risks arising from complex, hybrid IT environments. 

*Cyber resilience lifecycle based on the industry standard NIST framework.