Are your applications secure?

Software apps support the most sensitive and strategically important business processes in your organization. Yet, recent research shows that app security continues to be one of the most neglected aspects of cybersecurity.

In an environment of growing web and mobile security threats but stable security budgets, how do you protect your organization? With application security testing, powered by IBM® Security AppScan®.

By incorporating application security testing into your security strategy, you’ll be able to mitigate app security risk, improve app security program management initiatives and strengthen regulatory compliance efforts.

How to make Application Security a strategically managed discipline

Easily access cloud-based web and mobile application security

Comprehensive, all-in-one offering includes SAST and DAST analysis

Perform app security testing with confidence

Test applications for security vulnerabilities early in their development lifecycle, when remediation of defects is less expensive.

Classify and prioritize application vulnerabilities to focus on the most significant potential threats and remediate them.

Monitor progress of your app security protection program and provide progress reports to key stakeholders.

IBM Security AppScan empowers your organization

Assess risk

Determine which application assets need to be protected

Start by building and understanding the invenctory of apps deployed in your organization and ranking those assets by their relative business impact.

Manage risk

Analyze risks and prioritize accordingly

Ranking apps by their security risk score gives security teams and management contacts snapshots of the current state of your application security program to evaluate risk mitigation over time.

Automate testing

Test applications for vulnerabilities

Our automated scanning tools save your time and speed software release cycles. This process permits you to identify and remediate the most significant threats to your organization via detailed reporting.

Address mobile insecurity

Identify and remediate mobile application vulnerabilities

IBM's application security solutions permit you to address the unique - and growing - threat posed by mobile app vulnerabilities.