Manage application testing, reporting and policies to prevent potential attacks

Research, including that conducted by IBM® X-Force® Research, consistently reveals that web and mobile applications are the most vulnerable attacks. Organizations need to continuously test their software and applications across their entire portfolio early in the development lifecycle. To reduce and build a strong and secure IT ecosystem, testing and verification need to happen as early as possible.

IBM application security testing solutions provide preemptive protection to enhance mobile and web application security, protect applications from malicious use and help you to remediate potential attacks in the future.


  • Improve application security program management and strengthen regulatory compliance efforts
  • Assess software code and web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities
  • Use a single console for managing application testing, reporting and policies
  • Capitalize on industry‐leading testing capabilities that integrate with a range of IBM Security solutions

Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) of IBM Application Security

Analyst Forrester examines how a large global retailer achieved 253 percent ROI with IBM Security AppScan Source.

Application security products

IBM Security AppScan

IBM Security AppScan components benefit application security managers and development teams at organizations of all sizes

IBM Security AppScan Standard

Helps decrease the risk of web application attacks and data breaches by automating application security vulnerability testing and leveraging advanced dynamic analysis (DAST) capabilities

IBM Security AppScan Source

Helps lower costs and reduce risk exposure by integrating static application security testing (SAST) into DevOps automation for testing applications early in the development lifecycle, so they can be eliminated before deployment

IBM Security AppScan Enterprise

Helps mitigate application security risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Enables teams to build and classify application inventories, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle

IBM Application Security on Cloud

Helps detect dozens of common vulnerabilities. Provides DAST, mobile application security testing (MAST), SAST and open source vulnerability scanning pre-production with convenient, detailed reporting

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