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Personalization Demystified

Now, more than ever, companies must meet customers where they are, designing personalized experiences that directly map to consumers’ needs in the moment.

Watson Assistant is the assistant you want to use

Build a full-service AI assistant that your customers and employees will actually want to use. Seamlessly automate tasks. Address customer requests across channels like digital and voice. Guide employees through internal processes. Best of all: allow your teams to focus on higher value work.

Bring Watson Assistant to your data, no matter what cloud it lives on; embed it within any channel – voice or web – to ensure you are meeting your customers and employees where they are; and integrate it within any system, simplifying processes for agents and employees alike.

This is AI customer service made easy.

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Deliver fast, accurate answers to COVID-19 and other public safety questions

COVID-19 has everyone looking for answers and straining businesses, government agencies, healthcare organizations, schools and non-profits.

IBM has trained Watson Assistant to respond to common questions about COVID19 directly leveraging U.S. CDC guidance along with the latest medically curated evidence. This knowledge-base can also be augmented with additional information specific to your organization. IBM is offering Watson Assistant via the IBM Cloud at no charge for at least 90 days and will assist with initial setup.

Real results with Watson Assistant

95% accuracy rate

Bradesco's AI assistant achieved an exceptional accuracy rate when responding to customer queries.

99% increase in response time

Autodesk drastically improved their customer response times with an AI assistant.

7,000+ calls per day

Humana doubled their call containment percentage with a voice AI assistant.

What to buy

Successful ways to apply Watson Assistant

Enterprises of all sizes across the globe are seeing powerful results when they apply conversational AI to customer service. We’ve identified four successful patterns to help you get started. Learn more below.

Watson Assistant for customer-self service

Streamline how you empower customers to resolve inquiries across channels – including web and voice – to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Integrate AI into phone channels, letting Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction act as a first line of defense.

Watson Assistant for agent assist

Empower agents to respond to customer questions faster and with greater confidence. Watson Assistant answers agents’ questions while they support customers and automates workflows via web and mobile chat. Seamlessly integrate into existing tools, alleviating agent frustration. Augment your AI assistant with Watson Discovery, giving agents the ability to respond to more complex questions.

Watson Assistant for employee self-service

Simplify how employees find answers and information with AI assistants. Watson Assistant provides responses to common employee questions and shares relevant resources around the clock, alleviating burden on internal help desks and HR professionals.

Transformational services with Watson Assistant

Partner with IBM Services to shift from a traditional call center to an omnichannel AI customer service experience. Create consistent, responsive, and personalized experiences for your customers and employees.

The technology powering the patterns

Watson Assistant is the industry-leading enterprise AI assistant technology you actually want to use. Anyone from business users to developers can build voice or digital conversational AI assistants on any cloud, channel and system.

Business leaders share AI for customer service success stories

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