In 2019, the IBM Institute for Business Value noted that between 50% - 100% of enterprises interviewed will be running their ERP applications in a multicloud environment

Whether you are looking to reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, or create/support new business models, it makes sense to choose a managed services provider who has extensive experience in managing ERP applications across public, private and hybrid cloud. We have been managing ERP and Commerce workloads for two decades and thousands of clients around the world rely on our award-winning services.

In 2019, we are expanding our support of managed applications across non-IBM public clouds and we are delivering it through a unified portal, with built-in application security and a world-wide support team to ensure consistent delivery - regardless of geographic location or cloud deployment model.

Managed Applications

How its works

Moving critical workloads to cloud can be complex and challenging. IBM helps build, install, configure, secure, optimize and deliver valuable data insights and performance for your business-critical application workloads even if they are hosted on third-party clouds.

IBM treats your data with the same safeguards as our own: security is built to IBM’s rigorous standards and certified for compliance with leading industry standards models.

Managed SAP Applications

Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud can deliver flexibility and scalability by reducing costs, increasing agility and freeing up your staff resources.

Managed Oracle Solutions

Move your Oracle applications to a managed cloud environment so you can reduce complexities and costs, ensure you stay on track and support faster innovation.

How managed cloud services can help different industries

Improve supply chain efficiencies

The focus is on leveraging technology for innovation to build routes to market, improve customer engagement, and supply chain efficiencies.

Reduce time to market and simplify IT

Customer demands for variety and customization in products call for shorter supply chain lifecycles and flexible manufacturing operations. Manufacturers may need to refit production lines to support multiple products.

Drive down cost and free upstaff time

66% of financial services firms have adopted managed cloud services as a way to ensure optimal function of business applications within a secure environment.

Transform your customer experience

According to investment firm UBS, nearly 8,000 US retail store closures were announced in 2017—eclipsing the previous record of 6,163 closures during the 2008 recession.1 According to the National Retail Federation, while total retail sales are expected to grow around 4% in 2018, that number reflects growth of 10-12% in online sales, offset by continued declines in store-based sales.

Anticipate Change and adapt quickly

The conservative insurance industry is starting to embrace the digital era. After years of lagging behind other industries—including fellow regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare—insurance firms are adopting cloud, analytics, and next-generation technologies as a means to win customers and grow revenue.

Frost & Sullivan voted us the #1 provider of Managed ERP Services for North America in 2018

Edge Delivery Services

How it works

Edge Delivery Services is a set of services that improve the security, the availability, and the performance of your Internet-accessible applications.  They work for users on any device, at any time, and even during congestion or an attack, regardless of where the applications are hosted.

Edge Delivery Services

Specialized cloud service improving customer experience of business web applications on virtually any device, anywhere increasing protection from web attacks.

Online performance seriously impacts the bottom line

For e-commerce success, you need to meet user expectations with fast, reliable performance across web and mobile platform.

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