How can you protect your data and network in an increasingly mobile world?

60 percent

of workers want better access to data and workloads, often through personal devices or public cloud¹ 

51 percent

of workers ignore security policies to streamline workflows²

43 percent

of enterprise data breaches are caused by internal incidents³

What are the challenges you face with governing users and identities?

Over-privileged access

Over-privileged access

Employees often accumulate more access privileges than they need, which can lead to expansive data breaches if their credentials are compromised. At the same time, many employees are using shadow IT, personal devices and the public cloud to store enterprise data and streamline their workloads. While this approach may boost productivity, it could also leave your enterprise open to vulnerabilities.

No-privileged access

No-privileged access

Some vendors are promoting a strict response to over-privileged access, which is highly restrictive and requires repeated authentication or challenges. This “no-privileged access” approach can boost security, but also slow productivity with many hurdles. Waves of restrictions can inspire user revolt and workarounds, as employees ignore strict authentication rules and use shadow IT.

Regulations with bigger bite

Regulations with bigger bite

GDPR is simply the first wave of regulations with actual bite – true sustainability and profitability impacts from the mishandling of sensitive data. Continuous compliance is now a business necessity. Part of this cycle is near real-time visibility, management and reporting on "who" has access to "what" information in your organization.

Silent security

The best security is the kind you don't know is there


Secure your business without slowdown

Silently know that the right people have the right access to the specific data they need, when they need it.

  • Detect insider threats with user behavioral analytics 
  • Consistently enforce the principle of least privilege
  • Protect your data and network with multifactor authentication

Enable digital transformation with end user ease

Silently drive business growth through secure but seamless user experiences.

  • Log in once, access everything with Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Improve user experience with seamless authentication
  • Focus on user experiences with a design thinking approach

Prove compliance continuously 

Silently get ahead of evolving regulatory mandates and company audits.

  • Delegate and simplify access recertification for LOBs
  • Map roles and entitlements to business activities
  • Manage user data for GDPR and secure transactions for PSD2

View solutions to help you achieve silent security

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See how silent security can help thwart an insider threat

If a user is suspected of malicious activity or their credentials are compromised, you must react quickly. By deploying user behavior analytics (UBA) to detect anomalous activity with identity governance and intelligence (IGI) to automatically suspend accounts with shady behavior, you can use an integrated silent security approach to keep workers productive while staying secure.

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Further explore the Silent Security approach to governing users and identities and protecting your network.

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¹ Source: "The Connected Workforce: Maximizing Productivity, Creativity and Profitability," Harvard Business Review, June 2018

² Source: "Global Business Technographics Workforce Benchmark Recontact Survey," Forrester, 2017

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