Network detection and response (NDR) solutions

Hidden threats lurk on your networks. Catch them with network visibility and advanced analytics before it’s too late.

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Why NDR is so important

Networks are the foundation of today’s connected world, making them a prime target of cyber attackers looking to cause disruption. The high volume of data traveling across the network makes it easy for attackers to hide their tracks. As a result, security teams need accurate NDR tools that signal an attack before it’s too late.

Network detection and response solutions help security teams by analyzing network activity in real time. Effective network detection and response combines depth and breadth of visibility with high-quality data and analytics to fuel actionable insights and response. Without network visibility and analytics, threat activity can go undetected for extended periods of time, leaving your organization vulnerable. 

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Benefits of network detection and response Explore the ways NDR can help your organization find hidden threats on your networks. Eliminate blind spots with the right visibility

Comprehensive, real-time visibility into network data is critical to uncovering an attacker’s footprints. Improve network detection and response by combining event and flow data across on-premises and cloud environments.

Detect threats faster with innovative analytics

Machine-learning based analytics help baseline normal network activity to identify suspicious behavior quickly before attackers cause disruption. Scalable edge analytics runs where data resides, reducing need to move data or increase egress costs.

Reduce dwell time with integrated response

When every minute counts, security teams can take manual or automatic response actions to remediate security incident quickly. Using SOAR capabilities, they can automate manual tasks, collaborate with case management and use playbooks with guided workflows.

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Case study

Mohawk Colleges improves visibility and detection
Visibility critical to improving network detection and response Mohawk College wanted to implement an industry-leading SIEM solution to manage defenses against growing threats to its complex IT environment. The college chose QRadar® SIEM to help it gain visibility into its environment to detect, investigate and respond to cybersecurity breaches. Learn more about Mohawk College’s success with QRadar


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Threat management services

Protect critical assets and manage the full threat lifecycle.

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