z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition highlights

RESTful APIs to and from your Z assets

Create APIs in minutes to access IBM Z applications and data. Our point and click eclipse tooling encourage RESTful API design and provides a common interface for integrating mainframe services across a comprehensive set of subsystems (including CICS Transaction Server, IMS TM, IMS DB, Db2, IBM MQ). Deploy APIs to development servers in seconds and immediately test in Swagger UI to rapidly iterate on API projects.

Call APIs from Z

Enhance z/OS applications with the power of cloud native functions. Easily call APIs using native interfaces from COBOL and PLI programs in CICS Transaction Server, IMS TM, Batch and Db2 stored procedures.

Designed for DevOps

Drive agility across your development teams with parallel development for APIs and Services using source code management systems like Git (or RTC/Jazz). APIs and Services are built from Eclipse projects into single files, which can be managed as release artefacts in your pipeline using deployment orchestration tools like Jenkins and UrbanCode Deploy. Manage servers using RESTful administration interfaces to facilitate automation.

Enterprise ready

Secure your business-critical API calls, both in and out of Z, using web security patterns like JWT and OAuth to propagate user identities across end-to-end API flows. Easily manage enterprise-scale API requests per day across highly available configurations on a platform the world can rely on. Scale to over 100m API requests per day across highly available configurations on one of the most reliable platforms in the world.

Monitor end-to-end API requests

Keep all your z/OS Connect EE APIs running smoothly using tools like AppDynamics, IBM APM, Splunk and ELK! New integrations with z/OS Connect EE will allow you to monitor your API workloads and quickly identify any issues across your essential Z assets before they become a problem.

Active 3rd party ecosystem

z/OS Connect EE is pluggable and extensible, allowing for 3rd Party Service Providers to expand the list of z/OS assets you can expose as APIs. 3rd party support is available for File Manager (to access VSAM data), IBM Data Virtualisation Manager (to provide single views to data), Host Access Transformation Services (for 3270 interfaces), as well as over 30 z/OS Connect EE service interfaces provided by DXC to HOGAN CAMS II core banking functions.