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What IBM Z Service Automation Suite can do for your business

IBM Z® Service Automation Suite offers a single point of control for a broad range of systems management functions. The suite provides the visibility, control, and automation of a large range of system elements spanning both the hardware and software resources of enterprises in a sysplex. It also automation, network management, and scheduling to address business agility on IBM Z. The suite is a simply priced, easy-to-order package of the following products:
- IBM Z System Automation
- IBM Z NetView
- IBM Z Workload Scheduler
- IBM Service Management Unite


Optimize efficiency and availability

Get compelling management capabilities through automation and scheduling integration for improved business resilience. Reduce outages and delays as well as meantime to correction of complex problems.

Automate network and systems management

Completely and easily manage your network with enhanced enterprise integration, greater business agility, and increased IT availability.

Improve resource utilization

Automate the execution of batch and near real-time workloads and activities that are running in support of business services, thus improving personnel interaction for better synergy and efficiency.

Consolidate views for quick assessment

Simplify the operation of complex workloads with a customizable management dashboard bringing mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources into a single environment.

Key features of IBM Z Service Automation Suite

  • System automation
  • Network and systems management
  • Workload scheduling
  • Management dashboards
  • Increased efficiency