Let’s unlock real business outcomes with automation you can trust

The first driver of an automatic-shift car no doubt wondered if this newfangled thing would stop on command. It can be a bumpy road to embracing innovation, and trust is a big factor. Introducing automation into your dynamic IT operations for application resource management (ARM) is no different.

IBM® Turbonomic® is the only platform that provides actions you can trust to automate continuously. When intelligent software acts automatically, you gain the value of speed, scale, efficiency and cost reduction.

Journey to automation

Automate at your own pace

Once you’ve learned the details of recommended resourcing actions, automating the task isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. You retain control over which to integrate into your approval, DevOps, or communications workflows and which to allow IBM Turbonomic to handle with full, continuous automation.

Automation actions


Continuous performance

Automating responses to performance issues means you’re able to comply with service levels without impacting clients.

Reduced manual labor

Your team will spend less time monitoring and allocating resources, freeing them up to focus on more critical projects.

Increased efficiency

IBM Turbonomic automatically addresses resource underutilization and overprovisioning, enabling a more cost-effective infrastructure.


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