The future of B2B transactions is APIs combined with EDI

Why choose IBM Supply Chain Business Network


average three-year ROI


faster to onboard new partners


more efficient management of B2B transactions

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Frictionless connectivity, scalability and insights

Supply chain resiliency starts with a business network that handles peak events with ease and detects potential issues before they occur. Many IT organizations manage systems that consistently underperform, depend on manual processes and lack visibility or insights to get ahead of supply chain disruptions.

IBM Sterling® Supply Chain Business Network is a trusted, scalable business-to-business network that helps automate and orchestrate your supply chain processes and partner collaboration on a single cloud-based platform. Support peak volumes of any transaction type with high availability and AI-powered data insights to help you detect anomalies and take corrective action to avoid disruptions.

Unify supply chain data, insights and actions across your customers, partners and suppliers on a single business network. Simplify business collaboration with access to more than 800,000 pre-connected trading partners exchanging billions of EDI documents globally. As your business grows or requirements change, get the flexibility to onboard new partners quickly.



Accelerate business growth

Rapidly connect with customers and partners requiring API connections with the B2B API Gateway for real-time API-to-API or hybrid EDI-to-API transactions.

Eliminate manual errors and inefficiencies

Automate manual transactions and connectivity with small partners.

Support peak volumes of any transaction type

A scalable cloud-based network that supports most demanding workloads, transaction types and volume variations.

Guaranteed uptime and more

Get uptime you can count on, plus throughput and customer response times backed by stringent SLAs.

Tailored and proactive support for your global B2B operations

Premium managed services with dedicated subject matter experts for all your B2B integration needs.

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This IDC study discusses why leading enterprises have chosen IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network for their EDI solution.

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Demo: Boosting supply chain visibility with AI

Explore this demo to see how AI can help correlate and visualize complex supply chain transactions in a single, easy-to-understand layout.

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Video: Government regulations and e-Invoicing made simple

See how IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network makes it easy to trade with government agencies, with seamless and secure connectivity.

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Modern B2B integration for supply chain resiliency

Avoid supply chain disruptions with a reliable digital B2B network. Learn how B2B integration improves - efficiencies and resiliency.

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EDI and APIs: How do they work together?

Learn how to address B2B transaction situations in which one side uses APIs while the other uses EDI.

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The strategic role of APIs with EDI

Learn why a hybrid era of API-EDI for B2B transactions has arrived, and why it’s important to be able to perform with both technologies.


Discover three things that manufacturers can do to improve their supply chain resiliency and adapt to disruptions before they impact their business.

Industrial products

Read the case study

Global industrial product companies can eliminate manual paper-based processes and drives efficiencies resulting in cost savings of up to 92% per line order with a cloud-based EDI network.

Consumer goods

Watch the video (01:50)

Global tool manufacturer can automate connectivity with customers, suppliers and trading partners across their supply chain by digitizing B2B transactions through a reliable cloud-based business network that’s highly available.

Case studies

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With a cloud-based EDI network, this global manufacturer cuts manual, paper-based processes and creates cost savings of 92% per line order.

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CEVA Logistics

Creating headroom for growth with 90% faster reactions to seasonal peaks in EDI requirements.

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Formica Group

Mitigating supply chain disruptions with real-time transaction insights for business users provided through a self-service portal.

Which option is right for you?


Get started with secure connectivity, document tracking visibility, analytics dashboards and more in the cloud.


Meet the data format and standards requirements of those you do business with. The Standard edition offers the ability to configure document mapping and transformation in the cloud.


Let the designated resource included in the Premium edition manage your implementation, maintain your system and support ongoing services with those with whom you trade.

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