How to accelerate application modernization in times of uncertainty

How to accelerate application modernization in times of uncertainty Watch the webinar (link resides outside IBM)

Accelerate analytics and application development

Production databases are critical for running a business, so it’s essential to not overload them with too many requests. At the same time, users need access to that data to drive business results. With IBM InfoSphere® Virtual Data Pipeline, users can instantly provision virtual database copies to work with near real-time data for data analytics, application testing, AI model training and testing, and data virtualization.

Give users access to production data without impacting priority workloads or compromising data security and privacy. Get started with InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline to accelerate analytics and modernize applications.

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Modernize applications with automated self-service data

Accelerate time-to-market

Provide data automation tools for DevOps and test data management, giving teams the data to bring new software releases to customers more quickly.

Reduce cost of software development

Benefit from storage-efficient virtual copies that can ensure significant storage savings in data centers, remote offices and the cloud.

Improve software quality

Catch critical bugs early in the development lifecycle, significantly enhancing product quality and predictability.

Increase software release reliability

Perform unit testing by developers, automated build testing, and functionality and regression testing on full virtual copies of production-like data sets.

Protect sensitive data

Reduce exposure with a single golden image along with role-based access controls and automated masking.

Expand test coverage

Avoid additional point tools and infrastructure silos with a single platform for multiple applications and databases for easier, more flexible administration.

Key features of InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline

Nearly instant multiple copies

Provision dozens of nearly instant virtual copies of production databases, with minimal storage consumption.

Data refresh

Enable developers and testers to test on the most recent copies of production data sets with automated refresh.

Self-service access

Eliminate the burden for IT staff and DBAs with self-service access that provides developers and QA engineers with only “masked” data sets of granted databases.

Test in the cloud

Provision masked copies of on-premises data sets to remote locations or cloud environments, quickly enabling development and testing where it is required.

Implement across environments

The IBM InfoSphere Virtual Data Pipeline service for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data connects users to their own read/write virtual clones of production data sources to perform analytics and develop AI models and applications.

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