How IBM Elastic Capacity on Demand can help your business

Maintain business continuity with flexible consumption options on IBM® Power Systems. Elastic Capacity on Demand allows you to create temporary capacity by activating and deactivating processor cores and memory units to help meet the demands of your business peaks.

Order activations and IBM will immediately make the activation code available for you to download to your system.

Activations can be shared across any systems you manage. Simply purchase any number of activations up front and the system will automatically track their use and alert you when they have been consumed making it easy to extend your POWER8 and POWER9 hardware capacity.


Add capacity nearly instantly

Dynamically activate inactive processor cores or memory units without any machine down time, simply by purchasing activation codes on Marketplace.

Save time

Change the number of resources and number of days in a running request without stopping or starting your current request, or waiting until the current request expires.

Reduce costs

Pay only for the days that the processor cores or memory units remain activated. Billing is consolidated with multiple orders under the same PO and grouped on one invoice for a simple payment plan.

Develop and deliver more quickly

Configuration complexities are hidden behind the scenes. Order in minutes and provision in seconds. Speed time to market.

Learn more about IBM Elastic Capacity on Demand

  • Dynamic processor and memory activation
  • Flexible workload management
  • Simple payment plan
  • Request daily processor or memory capacity
  • Enablement code-based operation
  • Purchase activations through IBM Seller or Business Partner