The AI-ready data warehouse for operational analytics

Elasticity combined with simplicity

IBM® Db2® Warehouse provides a client-managed, preconfigured data warehouse that runs in private clouds, virtual private clouds and other container-supported infrastructures. It is designed to be the ideal hybrid cloud solution when you must maintain control of your data but want cloud-like flexibility. With built-in machine learning, automated scaling, built-in analytics, and SMP and MPP processing, Db2 Warehouse enables you to bring AI to your business faster and easier.

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IBM Db2 Warehouse and machine learning

IBM Db2 Warehouse and machine learning with Apache Spark (09:06)


Save time and resources

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Deploy a pre-configured data warehouse in minutes on your supported infrastructure of choice with elastic scaling for easier updates and upgrades.

Extract fresh insights faster

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Apply in-database analytics where the data resides, allowing enterprise AI to operate faster and more efficiently.

Gain flexible deployment

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Write your application once and move that workload to the right location, whether public cloud, private cloud or on premises — with minimal or no changes required.

Customer stories

Nedbank Group

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Nedbank Group

This South African bank turned to IBM Db2® Warehouse on Cloud to meet the increasing demand for analytics across its divisions and keep storage costs under control.

KONE Corp.

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KONE Corp.

This elevator manufacturer stores sensor data on Db2 Warehouse on Cloud to help predict, identify and resolve issues, even before equipment breaks.

Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf

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Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf

This company connects business data from its nine island resorts for unified insight using a cloud data warehouse and analytics architecture.

City Furniture

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City Furniture

This retailer ensures that business-critical computer operations and customer data are protected against hurricane disruptions using Db2 Warehouse on Cloud.

Valor Holdings

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Valor Holdings

This Japanese supermarket chain moved a database of over 10 billion transactions to Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, enabling high-performance analytics to support operations.


Fast and simple hybrid data warehousing

Fast query processing

Apache Spark and IBM BLU® Acceleration in-memory SQL columnar processing with an MPP cluster architecture speed up complex queries and predictive model building, testing and deployment.

In-memory data processing

IBM BLU Acceleration eliminates the need for entire data sets and decompression in-memory. Includes pre-fetching of data and data skipping.

Automatic schema generation, data loading

In a few clicks, unstructured data — such as that from Twitter or geospatial programs — is automatically transformed into a structured format for analysis.

Common SQL engine

A common SQL analytics engine works across public and private clouds and on-premises data warehouses, so you can move workloads to the right location easily.

Compatibility with Db2, PDA and Oracle

Supported Db2 drivers and compatibility with Db2, PDA and Oracle accelerate migration. Deploy as a stand-alone cloud data warehouse, or integrate with an on-premises data warehouse.

Embedded Apache Spark engine

Db2 Warehouse and Spark deliver higher performance than Spark alone, providing a better data exploration experience.

Product images

Console dashboard

Screenshot showing number of hardware issues, software issues, database alerts, and storage usage and the database time breakdown

Console dashboard

The console dashboard gives you a view of hardware and software issues, database alerts, storage usage and a database time breakdown.

Monitoring overview

Screenshot showing the time breakdown of SQL execution, input/output, lock waits and other processing

Monitoring overview

The monitoring overview shows the database time breakdown in more detail, including SQL execution, input/output, lock waits and other processing.

Spark analytics

Screenshot showing the Spark analytics choices, such as using Jupyter Notebooks, developing Spark application code and running Spark applications

Spark analytics

Db2 Warehouse offers multiple choices for Sparks analytics, including Juypter Notebooks, developing application code and running Spark applications.

R analytics

Screenshot showing R analytics choices, such as writing R scripts, developing applications that run R code and R packages

R analytics

RStudio is integrated so you can develop applications that run R code and R packages.


Training and tutorials

Db2 Warehouse interactive product tour

Take a short tour of Db2 Warehouse, including the web interface. Create and explore a new table within an existing schema.

Documentation & support


Find answers quickly in IBM product documentation.


Get technical tips and insights from others who use the product.


See the latest support information for new or changed features and functions.

Frequently asked questions

Find licensing and support information at a glance.


Use cases for a hybrid data warehouse

Hear from IDC and BPM Northwest experts on how a hybrid data warehouse architecture enables IT to regain control of data.

Additional resources

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