What does IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles do?

IBM® Watson™ Assistant for Connected Vehicles is a digital  assistant designed to enhance in-vehicle experiences, helping the automotive industry better understand and interact with drivers and passengers.  With Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles, you can:

  • Build a lasting relationship with drivers long after they have left the dealership.
  • Simplify maintenance and upkeep, and promote after market services.
  • Seamlessly create a smart, voice-enabled conversational interface for the vehicle.
  • Provide a proactive assistant to predict driver needs and facilitate vehicle functions.


Uses Watson to understand natural language and context, for an engaging user experience that can be embedded into vehicles.


Is able to proactively initiate conversations with drivers at the right time and place, not just in response to individual commands.

Deep customer insights

Enables you to be in control of the entire customer experience, own the customer data and benefit from insights gained through deeper customer interactions.

Increased loyalty and conversions

Understands the context and intent of drivers, and draws on that knowledge to create a VIP driving experience that can increase loyalty and conversions.

IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Vehicles

  • Responsive
  • Proactive
  • Instinctive
  • Reasons

Which option is right for you?

  • Devices

    The most common billing unit is an Entity ID, it represents a device within the cloud service such as a passenger vehicle, driven by consumers.

  • Usage

    Alternatively, access to the digital assistant may be billed by usage. Pricing for apps or fleet vehicles are set based on their higher utilization.