How does IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Platforms work?

IBM® Watson™ Assistant for Connected Platforms provides a cloud-based framework for building cognitive consumer applications that can anticipate user needs, attitudes and aspirations to deliver personalized outcomes. Using cognitive tools, the solution offers a personalized, proactive and portable digital assistant that understands the user and their environment. It anticipates and responds to the needs of a user to provide a consistent experience across various form factors.


Uses IBM Watson to understand natural language and context, for an engaging user experience that can be embedded in many different form factors.


Is able to initiate conversations at the right time and place, not just in response to individual commands.

Deep customer insights

Enables you to be in control of the entire customer experience, own the customer data and benefit from insights gained through deeper customer interactions.

IBM Watson Assistant for Connected Platforms

  • Conversational
  • Customizable
  • Private and secure
  • Personal
  • Proactive

Which option is right for you?

  • Devices

    The most common billing unit is an Entity ID, it represents a device within the cloud service such as a smart speaker.

  • Usage

    Alternatively, access to the digital assistant may be billed by usage. Digital Interactions represent a unique session within the cloud service.