What IBM Solution Edition for Enterprise Linux can do

IBM® Z® Solution Edition for Enterprise Linux is an enterprise solution with outstanding data security, availability, performance – and savings. IBM Z customers can have the ideal Linux® environment at a competitive price with a customized package of hardware, virtualization software, and 3 to 5 years of maintenance. And the solution is supported by the Canonical, Red Hat and SUSE distributions for IBM Z systems.

Gain operational efficiency

Cloud infrastructure on one server. Speed application serving for web and various Java® and business applications.

Reduce risk

Be ready for blockchain with superior security, pervasive encryption enablement and reliability.

Simplify management

Improve integration by reducing complexities and extending IT investments.

Improve value

Compare the workload costs and TCO to other Linux platforms.

Build in flexibility and intelligence

Leverage open source software in your cloud stack architecture. Apply cognitive solutions based on databases and data integration.

What's included with Solution Edition for Enterprise Linux?

  • Hardware components
  • Virtualization software
  • Maintenance and support
  • Customized for your needs