Feature spotlights

IBM Fluid Query

Includes IBM Fluid Query, which is the foundation of the logical data warehouse. It enables you to combine your data, even if it is spread across various sources, to drive your analytics. You do not need to understand how to connect multiple data stores, use different syntaxes or APIs, or change an application. It also provides access to data in Hadoop, so you can run your existing queries, reports and analytics against Hadoop, as well as the data in your appliance.

High-speed architecture

Offers an asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture that combines open, IBM blade servers and disk storage with data filtering using Field Programmable Gate Arrays. It delivers fast query performance for thousands of business intelligence application users as well as petabyte scalability. Provides up to a 128-gigabyte per second effective scan rate.

Faster time to value

Because it is an appliance, the hardware, software and storage are already integrated, leading to shorter deployment cycles. It is delivered ready for immediate data loading and query execution. It integrates with ETL, BI and analytic applications through standard ODBC, JDBC and OLE DB interfaces. All components are internally redundant for a production-ready environment.

IBM Netezza Analytics

Includes IBM Netezza Analytics, which provides an analytical infrastructure and library of statistical and mathematical functions. The platform supports many analytic tools and programming languages including Open Source R. It is delivered with a library of more than 200 prebuilt, in-database analytic functions that execute analytics in parallel while hiding complexity. Also included are in-database geospatial analytics that enable easy integration into existing environments.

Embedded analytic platform

Allows data modelers to operate on the data directly inside the appliance instead of offloading to a separate infrastructure. Models can be built using all the enterprise data, and then iterated through different models quickly to find the best fit. Once the model is developed, it can be seamlessly executed against the relevant data in the appliance. Prediction and scoring are done where the data resides, inline with other processing, on an as-needed basis.


Available in a range of models to fit a range of data capacity needs. Included is a rack mountable appliance to enable midsize organizations to take advantage of the same speed and simplicity provided by the larger models in the family. Also, an 8-rack configuration is available to provide petabyte capacity in a single system.