What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Pick & Pack enables brick-and-mortar stores to get online orders out the door faster and more accurately. The app uses an iPhone to give a real-time view into big data analytics in conjunction with iBeacon technology. The location awareness of iBeacon is a powerful tool enabling sales associates to find items in sequence based on proximity, and consolidate items across multiple orders to support batch picking. A built-in camera enables sale associates to streamline the inventory checking process by scanning the item at point of service from anywhere in the store.

Access inventory on demand

View a real-time, on-demand snapshot of product in-store and on-line. Up-to-the-minute inventory and merchandise location information allows accurate gauging of product performance – no more guessing.

Customize the shopping experience

Access historical and profile data to offer personalization to customers. Real-time product knowledge allows you to upsell, suggest substitutions and even save a sale in a sold out situation

Streamline product picking

Enabled by iBeacon and location functionality, you can select multiple items and find them quickly in the store ensuring an efficient pick and pack process.

Key features

  • Transform order fulfillment
  • Streamline the inventory picking process
  • Empower the associate
  • The app is backed by a great service plan