What it can do for your business

Chief information officers (CIOs) and other IT executives can take advantage of IBM Cloud Private Storage to help improve financial flexibility, responsiveness to business unit requirements and IT efficiency. This storage cloud can deliver the “as a service” benefits of a cloud business model without sacrificing data security, performance or availability.

Boost business agility

Pay-per-use operating expense (OPEX) model can empower you to support business unit strategy with financially flexible storage IT.

Gain peace of mind

Fully managed, trusted, dedicated offering helps enable you to reduce IT expenses and data security concerns without having to manage the technology.

Build a tailored solution for your data

Multiple highly scalable data tiers help satisfy your storage architect’s block and file storage performance and data efficiency needs.

Key features

  • Dedicated, security-rich cloud
  • IBM managed, trusted
  • Right sized and tiered
  • Dynamic over time
  • Pay per use, as a service
  • No long-term commitment
  • Seamless scaling
  • “No surprise” pricing