Centralized retention controls for your business information

IBM® Global Retention Policy and Schedule Management is a single, cohesive retention management system for all information, regardless of media type. It provides natively integrated workflows and analytics to aid information governance. The solution helps eliminate information management risks by offering centralized retention controls to support your business and legal requirements.

Manage all your data

Establish information lifecycles and enable auditable programs for both physical and electronic data.

Publish accurate, dynamic schedules

Manage schedules, change requests and controls centrally and consistently, regardless of information type.

Host a shared law library

Create a centralized repository to catalog laws for all operating jurisdictions.

Maintain centralized retention control

Deliver a consistent corporate retention framework, and unify data retention procedures by country, function, system and business process.

Improve communications

Publish bulletins and other communications globally by role, country and business unit affiliation. Alert stakeholders when laws, repositories, staffing or procedures change.

Key features

  • Lifecycle management and auditing
  • Corporate taxonomy and shared library
  • Scheduling support
  • Centralized management
  • Communications across legal, IT and business staff
  • Flexpoint licensing