Designed for event-driven applications

IBM® Db2 Event Store (formerly IBM Project EventStore) is an in-memory database designed for massive structured data volumes and real-time analytics built on Apache SPARK and Apache Parquet Data Format. The solution is optimized for event-driven data processing and analysis. It can support emerging applications that are driven by events such as IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It is flexible, scalable and can adapt quickly to your changing business needs over time. Available in a free developer edition and an enterprise edition that you can download now. The enterprise edition is free for pre-production and test.
IBM Db2 Event Store

Extreme data ingest

Provides more than a million inserts per second for each node. Enables you to scale the ingest rate linearly with additional nodes.

Real-time analytics for all your data

Offers real-time analytics over ingested data, enabling you to make fast and accurate decisions for your business.

Supports event-driven business demands

Provides the infrastructure for agile, event-driven applications to help you lower costs and evolve as business requirements change.

Open data format

Writes all data to Apache Parquet format to enable universal access without vendor lock-in.

Which option is right for you?

  • Db2 Event Store Developer Edition

    Install this edition on your Mac, Windows or Linux machines to experience the functionality of Db2 Event Store for developers.

  • Db2 Event Store Enterprise Edition

    Install this edition on an Linux cluster (3 nodes). It includes integrated data science and machine learning constructs. Contact us for production use pricing.