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When there's a requirement to move content to an archive repository for long-term retention or performance management reasons, IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint supports all Microsoft SharePoint library and list types and provides rich post-processing options to define what happens to the content in SharePoint after archiving. It also provides easier user access to archived content through shortcuts from SharePoint, with links provided back to the archived document.


IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to integrate SharePoint content into your IBM FileNet® Case Manager or IBM Content Manager applications.


IBM Content Collector for SharePoint enables you to dynamically execute retention instructions to store content according to policy requirements and then delete it when appropriate. Retention management is applied to documents after they have been archived.


Content Classification adds value to Content Collector by enhancing Content Collector routing capabilities, allowing it to make routing decisions based on statistical analysis of free-form text, word proximity, and other content-based criteria. IBM Content Collector for Microsoft SharePoint will automatically classify and declare content as records for formal record-keeping requirements, including the application of legal holds.

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