Reporting and analytic data models for financial markets

IBM® Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse is an industry-specific blueprint that provides data warehouse design models, business terminology and analysis templates to help accelerate the development of business applications. The software can improve reporting, risk and liquidity management and consolidate trusted information across multiple viewpoints. It has the flexibility to create a range of data solutions from business analytics focused data marts to enterprise-wide data warehouses, data lakes, and enterprise vocabularies.
IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse

Supports compliance and risk reporting

Analyzes capital structure including ratios, tier 1 and tier 2 capital decomposition by stress test results to determine capital adequacy and fulfill regulatory disclosure requirements.

Consolidates meaningful financial data

Enables the consolidation of clean, meaningful banking and financial market data across multiple channels and products.

Minimize errors and development costs

Facilitates an incremental approach to integrated reporting to help reduce risk and minimize development costs. Also helps to reduce the time to scope requirements and subsequent customization.

Address legal, regulatory or governance requirements

  • Dodd Frank
  • SEPA

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