Tailor your hybrid storage system to your exact business needs

Meet performance objectives

Automate data placement across flash and disk devices. Deliver fast performance when and where you need it by moving the most frequently used data to your highest speed devices with hybrid flash storage.

Icon representing optimizing data economics with hybrid flash

Optimize data economics

The hybrid flash array helps lower your total cost of ownership with the best mix of flash and traditional spinning drives to meet your service level agreements at the most reasonable cost.

Icon representing how hybrid flash supports a range of workloads

Support a range of workloads

Deliver the performance required to support critical workloads like big data analytics and media streaming, along with a variety of mixed workloads, such as public and private clouds with hybrid flash storage arrays.

Storage Made Simple for Hybrid Multicloud

We are excited to invite you to join our local language IBM Storage webinar, where we cover the February 11th World Wide IBM Storage Announcement. Presented by our local country sales and tech-sales team, we are introducing new storage systems and solutions with industry first technology, setting new standards for performance, capacity and hybrid cloud connectivity. Solutions that address the top priorities we hear from our clients, storing more data and applying AI and big data solutions to gain faster business insights.

Hybrid flash storage built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize—extend to up to 500 heterogeneous storage systems

IBM FlashSystem 5000H

Enterprise entry-level hybrid flash storage solutions designed to provide enterprise-grade functionalities without compromising affordability or performance.

IBM FlashSystem 5100H with NVMe

A family of affordable, enterprise-grade hybrid flash storage solutions including an end-to-end NVMe model. New offerings are designed for enterprise midrange storage requirements with increased functionality and performance.

IBM FlashSystem 7200H with NVMe

Cost-optimized, end-to-end NVMe, plus SCM support for flash acceleration with optional hybrid flash expansions. Enterprise-class features include extensive AI-based storage resource management, predictive analytics, and automated data placement.

All-flash storage arrays

Accelerate and optimize multicloud environments with IBM Flash Storage and all-flash arrays. Flash technology keeps your data protected and readily available, giving you the competitive advantage.

Pay for capacity while you use it, don’t pay up front

Finance a FlashSystem with monthly payments over a 3-year term and have the possibility to either keep it, refresh or simply walk away. Refresh your FlashSystem for the same monthly price or less, or upsize/downsize your system to meet your needs and have the advantage of a 3-month transition period with no dual billing. 

Also available with cloud-like pricing.

What customers are saying

“IBM Power Systems and FlashSystem are perfect for running SAP HANA, and the combination gives us what we need to take Groupe Bastide global.”

— Emmanuel Romieu, IT Manager, Groupe Bastide

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