With the right infrastructure, systems software, and operating systems you can accelerate workloads, simplify operations, and develop cloud-native applications — all from any one of our servers.



Modernize in place to integrate seamlessly with hybrid cloud and AI.


Meet demand with consumption-based pricing and IaaS.


Use platforms that put security everywhere and put zero trust into action.

Systems software and software-defined storage

Software for IBM Z mainframes

Modernize applications, containerize for cloud, or automate with AI.

Software for IBM Power servers

Meet demand, simplify for cloud, and centrally manage security.

Software-defined storage

Manage data growth and prepare for cloud with predictable pricing.

Featured server and storage software

Containers and Kubernetes

Use Red Hat® OpenShift® to develop modern, cloud-native apps that are scalable and portable.

Develop for cloud with AI

Built on Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Paks® help manage cloud-native applications.

Container-native storage

Get global hybrid cloud data access and storage services for OpenShift.

Use consistent data services

Move to hybrid cloud by bringing enterprise data services to your container environment.

Manage private clouds

Easily deploy and manage a highly available and secure private cloud on IBM Power Systems.

Create RESTful APIs

API-enable your mainframe and create consumable APIs in minutes.

Server operating system solutions

Mainframe OS

IBM Z mainframes run on z/OS, Linux®, z/VM®, z/VSE® and/or z/TPF – and can run one or multiple OSs in parallel.

Power server OS

IBM Power Systems run on multiple OSs – Linux, Unix® and/or AIX® – and can run one or multiple OSs in parallel.

Linux OS servers

Gain flexibility with your preferred Linux solution, including Red Hat, SUSE, or Ubuntu, on secure IBM servers.

Flexible payments

Is budget blocking your system software, hybrid cloud or AI project?

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