The demands on your infrastructure are increasing every day

If buying new servers every year is not the kind of disruption you’re aiming for, do it right and future-proof your data center with systems that deliver better price-performance for critical applications.

Small business servers for AIX, IBM i and Linux OS

Next-generation POWER9-based servers are the best servers for small business. Designed for hybrid and multicloud environments, they deliver the performance and RAS needed for your mission-critical workloads, such as Db2 and Oracle.

IBM Power System S914

A single-socket, 4U configuration in a tower footprint.

IBM Power System S922

Up to 4TB in a dense 2-socket, 2U form factor.

IBM Power System S924

Superior throughput capabilities in a 2-socket, 4U configuration.

IBM Power System L922 (Linux only)

A 2U form factor, with 1 or 2 sockets.

Scale-out servers

IBM scale-out servers offer flexible deployment options for high-value Linux workloads such as big data, analytics and enterprise applications, with better per-core performance than x86.

IBM Power System S822LC for Big Data

Delivers up to 42% more virtual machines in the same footprint as an x86 server, with better performance. Configure up to 12 large form factor (LFF) drives and up to 2 GPUs.

IBM Power System S822LC for Commercial Computing

Scales from one to hundreds of racks for large-scale clusters and scale-out deployments, on a 2S2U platform with up to 20 POWER8 cores.

IBM Power System S821LC

Brings high-density computing to Linux for virtualization, database, and HPC deployments, with two POWER8 processors in a 1U form factor.

Small business servers for SAP HANA®

With up to 4TB in a dense form factor, these small business servers deliver the high reliability and performance you need to gain SAP HANA® insights faster. Both systems run AIX, IBM i and PowerVM.

IBM Power System H922

A 2U form factor, with 1 or 2 sockets.

IBM Power System H924

Step up to the H924 if you want more expandability for SAP HANA with a 2-socket, 4U server.



By migrating its platform from cloud-based services to on-premises infrastructure based on IBM solutions, CipherHealth achieved huge gains in performance, improved reliability and dramatically reduced costs.


JORI created a web-based 3D configurator running on IBM i, giving consumers and sellers realistic virtual previews that help close sales and accelerate manufacturing.