The business case for blockchain

Sure, it’s buzz-worthy, but what is it? Blockchain makes the trusted recording of transactional data vastly more efficient through the creation of a distributed ledger that runs across a secure peer-to-peer network. It works as a shared form of recordkeeping, eliminating delays of third-party verification for transactions – and produces a complete, auditable and indisputable system of record that each permissioned member of the network can access.

IDC analysts report global spending on blockchain will reach $2.1 billion in 2018.

And by 2030, Gartner estimates blockchain will add $3.1 trillion in business value.

Forbes reports 1/3 of C-level executives are already considering or using blockchain.

Why LinuxONE?

LinuxONE technology is the foundation of IBM’s premier blockchain offering. The IBM Blockchain Platform, built on LinuxONE, enables production networks to be built, governed, and operated transparently through an easy-to-use interface built on an enterprise-ready platform – reliable, secure, scalable, fast, and cost efficient.


Encrypt 100 percent of your application, cloud service, and database data, at rest or in-flight.

Performance at scale

Support up to 30 billion web queries a day, with up to 8,000 VMs, 32TB of memory and 170 dedicated cores.


Use the distributed ledger built on the LinuxONE platform designed for 99.999 percent uptime.


The IBM Blockchain Platform, running on LinuxONE, provides a security rich compute environment from the hardware up, with the highest commercial security classification available. Blockchain on LinuxONE prevents anyone, even root users and administrators, from taking control of the system. It denies illicit attempts to change data or applications, or insert malware within the network, and blocks unauthorized data access by ensuring encryption keys can never be misappropriated.


Performance at scale

Sizing a future blockchain application is a challenge, as the number of peers will depend on the number of internal and external partners involved in the network. IBM LinuxONE empowers you to meet the demands of growth, even at peaks, with performance at scale for the most demanding workloads. Increases of capacity can be implemented without disruption through Capacity on Demand. You can exploit up to 170 cores, 32TB memory, and 640 dedicated I/O processors in a single server.


LinuxONE uses the fastest commercially available processor. The IBM Blockchain Platform, built on LinuxONE can help you reduce development time with Hyperledger technologies to ensure close alignment between business leaders and developers. You can use collaborative management tools to speed activation and ongoing management of your business network policies.


IBM is dedicated to supporting the development of openly-governed blockchains. IBM has worked with more than 400 clients across financial services, supply chains, IoT, risk management, digital rights management and healthcare to implement blockchain applications delivered via the IBM Cloud.

IBM Blockchain is based on Hyperledger Fabric from the Linux Foundation.
Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. IBM both contributes to the community and provides blockchain solutions and services leveraging Hyperledger technologies.

Hear from customers

“We compared benchmarks running on LinuxONE and a comparable x86 cluster, and we found LinuxONE had an undeniable edge when it came to performance and security.”

- Gangyi Ding, Dean of the Software College at Beijing Institute of Technology     

Beijing Institute of Technology

A university empowers researchers and students to build blockchain solutions on a high-performance server platform.


A leading registry for the diamond industry builds a blockchain on LinuxONE to reduce the risk of fraud for banks, insurers and markets.

The Plastic Bank

A new type of banking system uses ultra-secure blockchain on the LinuxONE platform to help reduce ocean plastic waste and empower citizens of developing nations.

Top 6 technical advantages

Learn what’s unique about the Hyperledger Fabric, and how to start using it.

Blockchain for digital identity

See how blockchain addresses trust, efficiency and security in the identity space.

Blockchain and security

See PUND-IT’s analyst view of LinuxONE and blockchain security.

Model a blockchain in 5 minutes

Get free tools, tutorials, and community collaboration for blockchain application developers.

Meet the LinuxONE family

No other Linux servers on the planet are engineered like these: pervasive encryption, lightning speed, massive scalability and great economics. Our newest member of the family, LinuxONE Rockhopper II™ is sized to fit any cloud data center – whether you are a startup or an established bank.

See what blockchain on LinuxONE can do for your business

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