3 October, 2019

3 October, 2019

Let’s put smart to work

Sharpen your skills. Get hands-on experience with the latest technology. Extend your professional network, meet technologists and thought leaders. Join us at our flagship event where we will explore insights and innovations that are shaping the way the world works.

We look forward to greeting you at Think Summit Stockholm!

Johan RittnerJohan Rittner Johan Rittner

Johan Rittner
Country General Manager, IBM Sweden

Think Campus: Focus on the topics you care about most


A Campus is a space for you to explore specific topics and connect with your peers, business leaders, and technologists who understand your enterprise goals and challenges.

Campuses will host a variety of topic-tailored activities including sessions, networking events, expert talks, demonstrations, immersive experiences, education, entertainment, and refreshments.

Find the Campus that's right for you

Cloud & Infrastructure Campus

Optimize your infrastructure with faster, smarter platforms and services.

  • Discover why thousands of enterprises across 20 industries trust IBM Cloud as a faster, more secure journey to cloud
  • Step into modernized systems with IBM Infrastructure, purpose-built to provide the performance, agility, and security that IT leaders can count on

Security & Resiliency Campus

Build trust and resiliency with the biggest advances in cybersecurity at work.

  • Dive deep into client stories and lessons learned from experts, standing by to answer all your toughest questions
  • Learn from the largest cybersecurity and resiliency vendor, trusted by thousands of clients who are now ready for anything

Data & AI Campus

Unlock the value of your data and put smart to work with AI.

  • Modernize your data estate and make it ready for an AI and multi-cloud world
  • Build, train, and deploy AI models at scale based on open technologies
  • Operationalize your AI-driven insights and business processes with trust and transparency


icon-expand-white Johan Rheborg

Johan Rheborg

Johan Rheborg

Johan Rheborg

Actor, Comedian, Scriptwriter and one of Swedish humor's most central figures.
Keynote speaker at Think Summit in Stockholm.

icon-expand-white Rebecka Carlsson

Rebecka Carlsson

Rebecka Carlsson

Rebecka Carlsson

Co-founder of Heureka Ventures, Workaround and Gigafood

Rebecka is one of the few Swedes trained at Singularity University in Silicon Valley. For three months, she lived at NASA along with 90 entrepreneurs and researchers from 47 countries and was intensively trained on how exponential technologies such as AI, blockchain and robotics can be used to create scalable solutions for today's global challenges.

Today, Rebecka is a founder and CEO of the business development agency Heureka Ventures, which helps established companies upgrade to pioneering sustainable business models and sustainability start-ups to scale faster. Rebecka is also a widely used lecturer and educator in sustainability, business development, future trends and exponential technologies.

In 2018, she was ranked No. 9 on Veckans Affärer's list of Sweden's 101 Super Talents. She has been named Sweden's 20th most environmentally friendly by the Environmental Act, one of Sweden's foremost star shooters by ELLE and two-fold to one of Sweden's foremost future female leaders Ledarna.

icon-expand-white Magnus Dahlhjelm

Magnus Dahlhjelm

Magnus Dahlhjelm

Magnus Dahlhjelm

Creative Director and Studio Lead , IBM iX.
Moderator at Think Summit in Stockholm.

icon-expand-white Christina Claughton-Wallin

Christina Claughton-Wallin

Christina Claughton-Wallin

Christina Claughton-Wallin

Client Executive for Retail, IBM.
Moderator at Think Summit in Stockholm.

icon-expand-white Jesper Fellenius

Jesper Fellenius

Jesper Fellenius

Jesper Fellenius

Co-founder & CPO at Zynapp

Entrepreneur, founder of IT-companies and for the last 15 years senior advisor, product developer and supplier of communication solutions to CEOs and executive committees at Swedbank, Tele2, 3, Ericsson, SEB, Scandic etc.

icon-expand-white Fredrik Hammargården

Fredrik Hammargården

Fredrik Hammargården

Fredrik Hammargården

Co-Founder, Head of Innovation & Product Owner, Indivd

AI kommer att på alla plan revolutionera framtidens fysiska handel – inom logistik, lagerhantering, betalningstjänster, kundkommunikation och ökad kundförståelse. Ansiktsigenkänning är den senaste, vassaste AI-tekniken med vars hjälp det är möjligt att bättre följa butikernas kundresor, men också att bättre förstå kundernas beteenden, preferenser och behov. Problemet är bara att vare sig lagstiftarna, butiksägarna eller kunderna vill ha en öppen och allmän tillgång till personuppgifter. Lösningen är Indivd, en patentsökt och anonymiserad teknologi, som med kameror och ansiktsigenkänning kan följa, identifiera och återidentifiera människors beteenden över tid och plats utan att spara personuppgifter. Fredrik Hammargården, Co-Founder på Indivd redogör för Indivds patentsökta lösning och varför de valt IBM som strategisk samarbetspartner.

icon-expand-white Gisela Edendahl

Gisela Edendahl

Gisela Edendahl

Gisela Edendahl

Business Development leader & Blockchain for Business, IBM

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