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Risk Quantification

Risk or No risk - Articulate your cybersecurity risks

One of the key challenges for security teams has been describing and managing cybersecurity risks in the context of the business. Qualitative security assessments can indicate issues but don’t truly quantify either the probability of occurrence or the impact of identified risks. Quantifying information risks in financial terms helps provide a clear understanding of the impact to the business and justify the investments in risk mitigation (security) controls.
Ali Yaqoob, Security Strategy Risk and Compliance Lead, IBM Nordics

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Zero Trust

Protect the digital enterprise through ZeroTrust paradigm

Traditional perimeter-based security is no longer enough in a rapidly evolving digital landscape where critical data and workload are more distributed than ever. This calls for a new security paradigm; ZeroTrust. Gone are the days when you could ring-fence your assets and implictly trust eveyone just becasue they are on the inside. ZeroTrust means no assumed trust - access to the critical data and intellectual property needs risk-asessed and only be granted based on need-to-know depending on context - what, when, by whom and why.
Magnus Wennergren, Competency Lead, Identity and Access Management, IBM Nordics

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Cloud Security

Security is better in the cloud?

Today you either have to hire a small army of skills or buy security as a service to cover all security parts in your datacenter and for your applications. How does the cloud change this and will it change how you look at security? What skills do you still need and how does the the shared responsibility model affect your cloud journey?
Magnus Lindkvist, Cloud Security Practice Lead, IBM Nordics

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Report: Assessing cyber risk in M&A

In mergers and acquisitions (M&A), value realization is typically top of mind. But cyber-risk is real. Considering data privacy regulations and mandatory breach disclosure laws, cyber risk exposure has the potential to significantly impact post-merger valuations. When assessing the value of a potential acquisition, acquiring organizations must factor in the cost of cyber risk as part of their deal strategy.

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On Demand Webinar: Continuously Trust Zero

In this webinar we will discuss how a large company introduces a Zero Trust approach and to what extent. We will discuss how IBM Cloud Identity and IBM Security Access Manager can help organizations to implement the principles of Zero Trust security in their company. We will also discuss how this fit in the CARTA framework.

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On Demand Webinar: Step Inside a Cloud Breach: Threat Intelligence and Best Practices

Join this webinar to step inside a cloud breach and see how threat actors are taking advantage of these complex and connected environments to do great harm. Then learn best practices gleaned from IBM X-Force IRIS’s robust threat intelligence and hands-on experience securing cloud-based environments.

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On Demand Webinar: Quantifying cybersecurity risk in financial terms

Connect security risk management with your overall business strategy by integrating security intelligence into quantified business risks and metrics. Our teams can help your organization understand the true monetary impact of potential threats. Learn how to prioritize security risks in a contextually relevant manner and convey the return on security investment to the business.

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Forrester study: The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Identity And Access Management

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By IBM’s Professional And Managed Services For Identity And Access Management

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Guide: Securing your journey to hybrid multicloud

Protecting workloads to enable business innovation and growth.

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New video game experience: Cybersecurity Ops Terminal

Terminal simulates a nail-biting, authentic experience of a cyberattack at an international airport. Do you have what it takes to respond to the attack?

Security: A Business and a Technical Problem

Cybersecurity is no longer simply a technical issue; it is a business issue. The more organizations can address security risks and challenges in a quantitative manner, the more they will be able to incorporate a broader set of key stakeholders in reducing risks.

The risks are more and more shared responsibilities as organizations move the systems workload to cloud. ZERO Trust is then key to be or become a flexible and agile business.

Join our Security Forum to learn from our experts how you can better understand and articulate security risks to make better business decisions, on your journey to cloud.


Ylva M Andersson

Event Moderator

Kaja Narum

Business Unit Leader for IBM Security, Nordics

Ali Yaqoob

Security Strategy Risk and Compliance Lead, IBM Nordics

Magnus Lindkvist

Cloud Security Practice Lead, IBM Nordics

Magnus Wennergren

Competency Lead, Identity and Access Management, IBM Nordics