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Working together across our ecosystem of technology partners, IBM Consulting™ delivers purpose-built application modernization that simplifies technology management and reduces costs. Whether building premium experiences with Etihad Airways or sustainable initiatives with Siemens Gamesa, we combine industry expertise, proprietary assessment tools and accelerators to quickly transform and scale impact across your business using the world's most flexible hybrid cloud model.

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Create a hybrid cloud strategy with a partner that helps you to improve cost efficiency, increase productivity and drive innovation.

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Innovate faster

Reduce costs, increase productivity and create new opportunities for innovation with a hybrid cloud strategy created and optimized by IBM Consulting, which can yield an average 2.5x more benefits from your applications compared to a public-only cloud environment.¹

Optimize enterprise applications

In partnership with application platforms like Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and Workday, plus infrastructure leaders like AWS, Azure, Google and others, IBM Consulting helps you get even more out of the world’s leading enterprise applications.

Rapid application modernization

Modernize applications faster by leveraging advanced analytical tools and new delivery models that save time and money. Backed by IBM Cloud® Paks and Red Hat® OpenShift®, we speed up application modernization timelines from months to weeks and reduce costs by over 30%.²

Improve security through data analysis

Successful businesses are built to anticipate and adapt with speed and resilience as conditions shift. Dynamic Delivery is a first of its kind operating model that pairs AIOps with global teams to offer 24/7 monitoring that sets a new standard for technology management and resilience.

Unlock automation and AI

IBM Consulting modernizes your business through the application of AI technologies and automation. We proved leaders with new visibility into critical business decisions, help optimize investments and deliver engaging customer and employee experiences using AI, IoT and edge computing.

Strategic partnerships


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Smarter experiences start with IBM iX®

IBM iX works at the intersection of strategy, design and technology to digitally reinvent your business, defining your digital strategy and delivering customer experiences that accelerate growth.

Amazon Web Services

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Strategically move to AWS Cloud

Using agile methodologies and extensive reusable blueprints, we can help speed your design, migration and operation on AWS Cloud regardless of your industry segment.

IBM Cloud

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Build applications on IBM Cloud

Build applications that utilize the capabilities of IBM Cloud by integrating DevOps tools and practices. Use IBM Cloud Satellite to deploy and run apps consistently across varied environments.

Microsoft Azure

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Hyperscale your journey with Azure

Use our industry-leading Cloud Innovate methodology and cloud technology tools to advance growth and efficiency, applying open and secure multicloud strategies to develop and manage applications.


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Accelerate your journey to Oracle Cloud

IBM understands your considerations about transitioning to cloud. The IBM CIA provides a tailored client roadmap, business case, and ROI, typically within 20 days.


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Co-create innovative experiences

We help unlock the next wave of value from Salesforce by combining the right strategy, design, and technology to create experiences that drive innovation for your customers, partners and employees.


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Expedite your move to S/4HANA Cloud

We provide custom S/4HANA roadmaps that lower costs, increase agility and improve results.

Let’s get to work

Collaborative innovation at an enterprise scale

Deeply skilled in all aspects of current and emerging technologies, our IBM Garage experts advise and work with you to ensure every application and service can be deployed and managed where it makes the most sense. With our exclusive tools and assets, you can accelerate the move of your IT infrastructure and applications to the cloud. We’ll work with you to incorporate intelligent insights, automation and integration within your cloud provider ecosystems.

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faster speed to outcomes


more innovative ideas



Hear from our consultants

Hear from our consultants

Get the latest industry insights, thought leadership and trending articles on building and managing AI-powered businesses in a multicloud world.

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¹ IBM Peer Insights, Forrester, 2020

² Total Economic Impact of IBM Application Modernization, Forrester, 2020

³ “The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Garage”, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2020