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A scalable, security-rich and cost-effective home for data

Our cloud storage services offer a scalable, security-rich and cost-effective home for your data while supporting traditional and cloud-native workloads. Provision and deploy services such as access object, block and file storage. Adjust capacity and optimize performance as requirements change. Pay only for the cloud storage you need.



Optimize cloud storage services spending with our flexible tiered options and no-cost private network. Move your data between IBM data centers.


Guard your data with BYOK or IBM Cloud®Hyper Protect Services key management. IBM Cloud supports FIPS 140-2 Level 4 hardware.


Manage and enforce policies with enhanced governance and observability capabilities across all your cloud storage environments.


Achieve 99.99999999% data durability for IBM Cloud Object Storage and increase data resiliency with built-in fault tolerance.¹

Case study

Tech takes kids to Antarctica The Mawson’s Huts Foundation teamed with IBM Business Partner ISW to create an interactive, AI-powered learning platform to educate children about Antarctica. The platform runs on IBM Cloud Foundry and uses IBM Watson® Assistant to interpret questions and deliver answers through videos, images and documents — all stored and retrieved from IBM Cloud Object Storage. Creating educational opportunities


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¹Based on IBM-internal analysis of client data. Individual client results will vary.