Introducing IBM Cloud™ Pak for Integration

IBM Cloud Integration Platform combines our industry-leading integration capabilities into a single, unified platform, allowing you to create personalized customer experiences by easily connecting applications and data across multiple clouds.

Protect your data in-flight and in-house

An effective, agile integration architecture helps you to become GDPR compliant and secure digital transformation initiatives. GDPR compliance is a must-have, and protecting your data in-flight is half the battle. IBM Cloud Integration can help you expose authentication for interaction between data controllers and data processors – a key foundation of GDPR compliance.

Comprehensive integration capabilities

Designed to quickly connect any application or data, the IBM Cloud Integration platform covers any pattern of integration from IT teams relying on batch data transfer to connect enterprise applications, including data scientists pulling in new digital assets, marketing teams depending on real-time events for new insights and mobile teams developing APIs to reach new channels.

API lifecycle

Design and manage successful APIs

Application integration

Connect data and applications on cloud and on-premises

Enterprise messaging

Deliver contextual insights at speed and scale

Built-in security

Control who accesses your data wherever it goes and how it’s used

Data integration

Find, understand and deliver clean, quality data

High-speed transfer

Fast, reliable data transfers across hybrid cloud environments

IBM Cloud Integration

Introducing a comprehensive, connected multicloud integration solution

Cloud and cognitive solutions

Gain a competitive edge through data, smart analytics and the cloud

Drive new revenue streams through APIs

Companies need to create digital capabilities for end users and API experiences that set them apart in the minds of developers and the organizations they support. They need to address the ‘look and feel’ of their external API while developing an infrastructure that supports the API lifecycle from inception to retirement.

Integrate blockchain into your business

Distributed trust systems such as blockchain are redefining industries and go-to-market models. While most commonly associated with the financial sector, the concept of a secure ledger can be applied to virtually any transaction. How organizations connect with the blockchain and how data flows through their applications is a key driver of success.

Bring AI to your customer experience

Artificial Intelligence can quickly filter and find patterns in data to help businesses deliver more consistent customer experiences and exceptional service. With the continued advancement of augmented intelligence, companies are moving beyond the pilot phase and have begun to bridge the data divide by integrating AI into their business operations.

Build a humanized brand people trust

The laws around how you use and store data are changing. You need build trust in your brand by not only delivering a great product but by ensuring you protect your customers' data. With the rise of even stricter data protection laws like GDPR, your business needs to integrate security and data protection into every application. 

Accelerate your move to multicloud

Organizations are embracing the cloud to speed up development time, optimize infrastructure and to better connect with their customers and partners. Most have a combination of on-premise, public and private cloud applications and need to connect traditional enterprise systems with private cloud environments and new lightweight public cloud services.

Walmart uses IBM integration to support their enterprise and scale logistics

Learn how Walmart is building a platform driven by APIs to provide its developers with a self-service portal that supports faster development and helps Walmart deliver new services and improvements at the speed of business.

Delphi builds their integration strategy around IBM Cloud Integration

Delphi Automotive explains how they migrated their massive integration portfolio to an IBM integration platform, providing immediate business stability and long-term adaptability to changing business needs and new technologies.


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