What is IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS?

This leading-edge solution offers a highly secure database environment for enterprise workloads with sensitive data. With IBM Cloud™ Hyper Protect DBaaS, you can provision, manage, maintain and monitor multiple database types like MongoDB and PostgreSQL through standardized APIs.

Hyper Protect DBaaS is built on LinuxONE technology which provides built-in data encryption along with excellent vertical scalability and performance. It helps protect against threats of data breaches and data manipulation by privileged users and provides a high level of data confidentiality for data owners.

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Data confidentiality

LinuxONE technology provides workload isolation, restricted administrator access and tamper protection against internal threats. Data owners maintain complete control over the data.

Developer friendly

This service provides capabilities to provision, manage, maintain and monitor multiple database types like MongoDB ES or PostgreSQL through standardized APIs. Security-rich data stores are easily provisioned without the need for specialized skills.

Fully managed

Developers can focus on building applications rather than managing availability, backups, logging, monitoring, scaling, hardware setup and software patching.

Highly available

Every IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS deployment is built as a highly available clustered configuration. There are three node clusters for each deployed instance hosted on mainframes.

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