The Opportunity

A large data-driven company needs to create new ways to engage with their customers and they know that whatever solutions they provide must be highly responsive. The challenge is that the data that will power the new offerings is locked up in back end systems and currently there are significant latency issues when retrieving such data.

Make the real-time decisions your customers expect

Provide data via event streams

Connecting IBM Event Streams to your back-end systems and creating streams of change events addresses data inaccessibility.

The first new application subscribes to these event streams to build a local view of the data. Moving data closer to the application provides customers with a highly responsive user experience.

Diagram representing available data via IBM Event Streams.

Scale without impacting back-end systems

New applications often need access to the same existing data. Because data streams have already been set up in IBM Event Streams, the new applications simply need to subscribe to these.

This enables each new application to build its own view of relevant data without placing any additional load on back-end systems.

Diagram representing applications building data view without impacting back-end systems via IBM Event Streams

Progress your journey to cloud

As companies progress their journey to the cloud, IBM Event Streams helps them replicate these streams of events to their various cloud environments.

This offers the same, low latency, easy access to their business data.

Diagram representing the replication of existing event streams systems via IBM Event Streams

Connect and engage

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