Continuous Delivery features

Create an integrated DevOps toolchain

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Toolchains provide an integrated set of tools to build, deploy and manage your apps. Include IBM, open source, and third-party tools to make development and operations repeatable and easier to manage. Based on an open architecture, toolchains provide an API for integration of tools that can be hosted in the IBM Cloud or elsewhere. Toolchains can also be defined from textual templates that can be automatically instantiated and include support for analytics that can drive your DevOps intelligence.

Deliver Continuously with an automated pipeline

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With Delivery Pipeline, you can build, test and deploy in a repeatable way with minimal human intervention, and be ready to release your app into production at any time. In a delivery pipeline, sequences of stages retrieve input and run jobs, such as builds, tests, and deployments. You can configure a pipeline to integrate with practically any service that is exposed to the web.

Git Repos and Issue Tracking

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Manage your source code and track work with Git repositories and issue tracking hosted by IBM and built on GitLab Community Edition. The Git Repos and Issue Tracking tool integration supports teams in many ways: Manage Git repositories through fine-grained access controls that keep code secure; Review code and enhance collaboration through merge requests; Track issues and share ideas through the issue tracker; Document projects on the wiki system.

Edit your code from anywhere

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You can choose to use the integrated web-based environment built on Eclipse Orion. Create, edit, run, debug, and complete source control tasks, and seamlessly move from editing your code to deploying it to production. The Web IDE provides everything you will need to create great code right in your browser. You can use the Git function of the Web IDE to push your changes and see the pipeline redeploy your app.

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