Why is IBM consolidating our application modernization efforts into a single offering?

Since 2017, the IBM WebSphere® team has learned from enterprise customers as you migrate workloads from your WebSphere environments to IBM Cloud™ Private.

  • You need one complete solution with all the necessary tooling to migrate your apps
  • You want more flexible entitlements that ensure you have sufficient entitlements before, during and after migration
  • You want a simple and consistent metric for billing and payments, based on the resources available to the platform
  •  You asked for a way to trade up that makes the most of your existing expenditures

Why should I consider using the IBM Cloud Paks for Applications?

If you want to modernize your existing WebSphere environments, the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications is a great solution. Expect a flexible entitlement that includes all of the tools necessary to successfully modernize your environments.

Which products are used within the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications? Which products won’t be used?

To track software deployment and usage, you can continue to use your existing product-usage tracking tools, such as IBM License Metric Tool or IBM Cloud Private Metering.

Will the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications be supported on the IBM Z® Linux system and the IBM Power® offering?

Yes. All products in the bundle support the Linux on Z system and the Power offering. Expect specific part numbers for Linux on Z system in addition to distributed part numbers.

What product versions are included in the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications?

If you have entitlements to IBM Cloud Pak for Applications, you can deploy all active versions of in-scope products if you have the necessary Virtual Processor Cores (VPCs).

Can IBM Cloud Private from the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications be used in support of WebSphere Application Servers that are acquired outside of the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications?

Yes. For example, you may want to use the IBM Cloud App Management platform from the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications to deploy WebSphere to VMware partitions. Or you may want to leverage the monitoring and logging of the IBM Cloud Platform from standalone WebSphere servers as part of a cloud migration journey. You can also use the common operational dashboard to see your WebSphere Application Server deployments on IBM Cloud Private and on traditional virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal dedicated servers.

Do I need dedicated IBM Cloud Private nodes for IBM Cloud Pak for Application deployments?

No. IBM Cloud Platform VPCs that are covered under the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications can run on the same IBM Cloud Private node as VPCs acquired for the stand-alone IBM Cloud Private programs.

What’s a typical use case for the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications that uses a mix of WebSphere and IBM Cloud Private programs?

Here’s one use case: Your goal is to modernize applications. First you employ the included Cloud Automation Manager to deploy an existing WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment to a VMware partition. It does not matter whether the deployment is from the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications Platform or not from the IBM Cloud Pak.

Then you integrate WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment with the logging and monitoring functions of IBM Cloud Private. You can then use IBM Cloud Product Insights Transformation Advisor to identify specific WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment applications that you want to transition to WebSphere Application Server Liberty that run in IBM Cloud Private containers. All of the programs and components in this example are covered by the IBM Cloud Pak for Applications.

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