Pricing options

Endurance tiers

Support a wide variety of application needs at your desired level with simple, pre-defined, per-gigabyte (GB) pricing tiers with performance up to 48,000 input/output operations per second (IOPS). Block Storage Endurance tiers are ideal to meet the needs of workloads with low-intensity, general purpose and high-intensity performance requirements.

Volume pricing:


0.25 IOPS per GB

2 IOPS per GB

4 IOPS per GB

10 IOPS per GB*

Monthly price

USD 0.05

USD 0.12

USD 0.16

USD 0.48

Hourly price*

USD 0.0001

USD 0.0002

USD 0.0003

USD 0.0009



Snapshot and replication fees:


Monthly snapshot price per GB snapshot space

Hourly snapshot price* per GB snapshot space

Monthly replication fee per GB volume size

Hourly replication fee* per GB volume size

0.25 IOPS per GB

USD 0.050

USD 0.005

USD 0.020

USD 0.002

2 IOPS per GB

USD 0.100

USD 0.010

USD 0.125

USD 0.013

4 IOPS per GB

USD 0.150

USD 0.015

USD 0.250

USD 0.025

10 IOPS per GB

USD 0.200

USD 0.020

USD 0.500

USD 0.051

Performance options

Ultimate control over both storage capacity and total number of IOPS per storage volume. Provision storage in capacity up to 12 TB with a maximum of 48,000 IOPS. Block Storage Performance options are ideal for businesses with well-defined performance requirements that don’t fit within the tiers provided by Endurance.

Monthly pricing: USD 0.10 per GB + USD 0.07 per IOP

Hourly pricing: USD 0.0001 per GB + USD 0.0002 per IOP

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