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What is the API economy?

In today’s world of ever-expanding interconnectivity, application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as important tools for providing access to data and capabilities beyond the firewall. Organizations increasingly use APIs to bring together an ecosystem partners and unlock new sources of value.

To take advantage of these capabilities, companies must understand the forces driving API usage, as well as the potential business models and monetization strategies APIs can help create. Successful organizations will see APIs not just as technical tools, but as sources of strategic value in today’s digital economy.

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icon representing using the API economy to create distinguishing customer experiences

Create differentiating customer experiences

Employ ever-more responsive websites, custom mobile apps and other user-friendly digital interfaces to enhance your interactions with customers.

icon representing use of API economy data from across an ecosystem of business partners

Extend your reach into a larger ecosystem

Use the data and services of other organizations by reducing the costs of obtaining, sharing and applying technology resources from external companies.

icon representing managing APIs to deliver innovation to market faster in the API economy

Deliver innovation to market faster

Take advantage of sophisticated technologies without having to develop them internally. Manage APIs being produced and consumed more efficiently.

Tata Consultancy uses API integration to leverage cloud and cognitive

RBL Bank uses the API economy to digitize business, beat larger competitors

Take advantage of IBM’s leadership in the API economy

Evolution of the API economy

To succeed in the API economy, you must understand the driving forces behind it and the new API business models and monetization strategies it can help create.

Innovation in the API economy

To differentiate your business, you must create digital capabilities for end users and API experiences that set you apart in the minds of developers and the organizations they support.

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