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IBM wins for the third year in a row the Ignite Startup Engagement award 2021

The Award aims to recognize both private and public sector collaborations with Startups and celebrate municipalities and large companies co-operating with at least one of them during the year.

Ignite Startup Engagement 2021 - Private Sector

With no less than 51 meetings with startups through Ignite Sweden in 2021, IBM continues to prove its commitment to startup collaboration and takes this award for the second year in a row. This multinational corporation is paving the way for many startups to access new markets and scale internationally by connecting them to customers across the globe.

“IBM has really invested immense time, energy and funding in the Swedish startup ecosystem. For a startup, it is really important to form trusted partnerships in order  to enter the market, and this is the crucial ingredient that IBM supports them with. IBM is also the large company who has met the most startups through Ignite during this year. They are always curious and open to giving advice even if the match doesn't lead to a collaboration. That is extremely valuable.”
Stina Lantz, Program Manager at Ignite Sweden


“We are seeing more and more life science companies going digital and digital companies going life science; and there is often a lack of complementary skills and know-how. Our exciting collaboration with IBM will provide SMEs and research groups with a unique, non-competitive, collaboration environment that can contribute with both pockets of expertise and foster breakthrough digital health solutions. Besides supporting growth strategies for Swedish SMEs, we also hope the collaboration will help attract international digital health companies to Sweden.”

Magnus Björsne, CEO, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub


“We are pleased that IBM has been involved in our accelerator program as well as our collaboration with Coop and Sweden Food Tech. Entrepreneurs are very happy with the support they receive from IBM at present. We are also very pleased that IBM has chosen to engage as a Rocket Fuel partner and offer support to all our members based at Norrsken House.”

Oskar Malm Wiklund, Member Experience & Tech, Norrsken HQ

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