What is intelligent automation?

When a system can collect and make sense of a lot of data and then use that data to manage and improve business processes — automatically and continuously, learning along the way — that’s intelligent automation.

How is the platform intelligent?

The platform extends its core automation capabilities by embedding AI to help your organization significantly improve worker productivity and engagement. You can:

  • Assess job activities based on time spent, value added and skills required, identifying opportunities for impactful automation.
  • Create digital workers to automate or augment job activities.
  • Use guardrails to safely manage digital workers.
  • Measure performance and business impact.


Efficiency and effectiveness

Remix work, blending automated and human processes, to increase efficiency and free people to do work that matters — work that can’t be automated.

Trust and control

Define and control conditions under which automation operates with built-in guardrails. Business users can also monitor AI performance.

Growth and scale

Create new revenue streams with innovative business models enabled by intelligent automation. AI can also help scale employee effectiveness.

When is intelligent automation most valuable?

You’re a good candidate for an intelligent automation platform if:

  • Your employees spend too much time on repetitive work.
  • You don’t have enough people to properly address all your customers’ requests, concerns or problems.
  • You need more resources to meet annual increases in business goals.
  • You can’t scale the expertise of your best performers across your teams.

Collect and understand operational data

Before you can apply AI, you need to get your data in shape and in one place. The IBM automation software platform enables you to capture all the events generated by its operational systems and aggregate them under key performance indicators (KPIs) to present a meaningful, real-time view of business operations.

AI digital workers

By combining automation and AI, you can build and manage digital workers that automate lower-impact work like data entry and assist with higher-impact work like decision making.


Tap into the platform’s full set of capabilities for automating all types of work at scale.