Forbes Insights: Learn from operations leaders about the future of work

New skills will be needed from human workers  ̶  including the ability to successfully collaborate with their machine counterparts.

Learn how senior operating executives around the world are managing the changes that intelligent automation is bringing to their organizations. Read the Forbes Insights report, Intelligent Automation: How AI and Automation Are Changing the Way Work Gets Done.

Work is changing

Intelligent automation can transform all types of processes, from the mundane to the complex, helping organizations meet strategic challenges and improve business results. The future of work is driven by components of intelligent automation working together in harmony:

  • Optimizing talent, with human-machine collaboration
  • Improving processes to boost efficiency and speed
  • Using data to generate better business outcomes
  • Harnessing the power of technologies, such as AI and IoT
Illustration of the components of the future of work

Your automation journey

IBM can help

Wherever you are in your automation journey today, IBM can help you advance and prepare for the fast-approaching future of work. From strategy to enterprise-wide implementations, IBM offers advanced expertise and a full range of solutions to make your automation initiatives effective.

IBM automation software

From focused projects to enterprise-wide digital transformation, the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business enables you to automate workflows and decisions. Derive insight from the content inherent to those business processes — all with speed and scale.

IBM automation services

IBM experts can help you plan and execute the right strategy for your business so you can harness the power of automation to the best benefit for your organization.

How companies are applying automation

Case study: Banking

Banco Popular deployed IBM Robotic Process Automation to automate manual tasks, reducing process completion times by 90 percent.

Case Study: Government

Edmonton Police Service used digital evidence to help uncover leads faster, improve citizen safety, and help officers stay safe in the field.

Industry report: Retail and consumer products

Learn the surprising ways in which retail and consumer product companies are applying intelligent automation, and why adoption is expected to leap from 40% today to 80% in three years.

Automation and AI

Intelligent automation will lead to new ways to organize core business processes and the way work gets done. Every part of the operating model—technology infrastructure, organizational structure and work culture—will be transformed.

Forbes Insights: Intelligent Automation: How AI and Automation Are Changing the Way Work Gets Done,